URBANSPACE - Call for Submissions

URBANSPACE is a photographic project distributed in the agile form of a multimedia projection. Focusing on the aesthetics of large urban centers as a theme, URBANSPACE unites internationally selected works and is hosted in the virtual galleries of WOOLOO.ORG. The first edition (2007)- a projection of 530 images from over 23 countries- was first premiered in Rio de Janeiro at the media arts foundation, Oi Futuro. Simultaneous projections were also made in New Life Shop, the Berlin headquarters of WOOLOO.ORG. These projections have since been screened in ECCO during Brasilia's FotoArte, Sao Paulo's Galeria Vermelho, as well as showings during Fotopub07 in Slovenia.

Future screenings are scheduled for Lisbon, Porto, New York City, Chicago, Montreal, Buenos Aires and Caracas.

The 2008 edition of URBANSPACE is curated around the theme of “URBAN COMMUNITIES” and looks to examine the diverse formation of local communities, informal situations and other site-specific representations of contemporary urban existence. Anonymity. Survival. Decadence. Defiance.

Works may include photographic documentation of performances and site specific actions, digital interventions as well as traditional film photography. To submit works please go to www.wooloo.org

Who: Wooloo
What: URBANSPACE - Call for Submissions
Where: Lisbon, Porto, New York City, Chicago, Montreal, Buenos Aires and Caracas.
Further Details:
- Visit the wooloo website to submit work
Deadline: Tue 1 April 08