British Antarctica Survey - Artists and Writers Programme

The Artists and Writers Programme - sponsored jointly by British Antarctic Survey and Arts Council England - offers two artists and writers each year an opportunity to spend up to eight weeks in the Antarctic. Suitable applicants will already have a serious body of work behind them, which may well have been recognised as such by honours, awards or appointments to academic or professional positions. The programme will not accept applications from students. At present only UK nationals may apply.

Applicants will need to provide a very clear plan explaining why a visit to Antarctica is essential and what outcomes they envisage. They will need to identify and define the audience they believe their works will attract and interest, and how they intend to reach them. The size of the audience is not necessarily the key factor as projects may be able to define small but important groups not previously exposed to Antarctica. An international audience would be in keeping with the ethos of the Antarctic. The application will not be considered adequate unless the applicant can show an active collaboration with publishers, galleries, theatres or similar organisations appropriate to the genre to support access to the audiences.

There is no restriction of grounds of age or gender but all successful applicants will need to satisfy the BAS Medical Unit that they are medically fit before being accepted. This will include a blood test. It may also be necessary for the successful participants to attend a first aid course in Cambridge and a field-training course in Derbyshire.

How to Apply

To apply you must complete the application form. If you feel the form does not allow you to present your achievements adequately you can attach your CV to the completed form. The form must be accompanied by whatever examples of previous work you wish the selection panel to use in considering your case. Providing copies of correspondence showing commitments by publishers, galleries etc. to supporting the dissemination of your output after you return is essential.

Given the long lead times for planning and carrying out work in Antarctica, and the uncertainty of access, applicants will need to be very flexible in their planning. Artists and writers supported by the programme scheme will need to follow the command structure on BAS stations and ships, and comply with UK legislation regarding Health and Safety wherever possible. Environmental impacts may also need to be specially considered for some types of projects.
British Antarctica Survey

What: British Antarctica Survey - Artists and Writers Programme
Further Details:
- Visit the British Antarctic Survey website
- Download the application form
Deadline: Sat 1 Mar 08
Who Can Apply: UK Nationals