de Ateliers - Residency for Emerging Artists in Amsterdam

de Ateliers is an independent artists' institute run by visual artists. It focuses on the artistic development of young, talented artists from within the Netherlands and abroad. The monumental building in the center of Amsterdam offers twenty-three spacious studios which are placed at the disposal of emerging artists who wish to combine intensive self-motivation with critical guidance. Though similar to a post-academic teaching facility, de Ateliers is not an educational institution. Its policy as a foundation is determined by the supervising artists.

De Ateliers has given studio experience central importance. The studio is not only the place where participants produce their work, but also the prime place for artists to freely exchange ideas on artistic ways of thinking and acting. Studio activity is accompanied by a programme of tutorials, lectures, excursions and exhibitions.

The working year at de Ateliers runs from September 1 to May 31. A participant may also use his or her studio during the Summer months, though there are no studio visits from teaching artists in June, July and August. Most participants start their work period on September 1, but it is also possible to start on another date. de Ateliers assists participants in finding living quarters within the city, and provides a grant of appr. 9,700 euro per year, which covers basic living costs. A working period at de Ateliers involves no registration or tuition fees.

Submitted work is evaluated twice a year, in February and in August. In both cases candidates accepted start the following September. The time of application has no influence on one's chances of being selected. Those interested may apply by submitting documentation of their work together with a completed application form. Documentation must provide a good indication of what has been done over the past two years. Documentation accepted: slides (roughly twenty), videotapes, dvd, cd-rom (tif/jpeg).

Please see the de Ateliers website for further details and to download an application form. The forthcoming deadline for applications is Fri 1 Feb 2008. Please make sure your application is received by de Ateliers on that date.
de Ateliers

What: de Ateliers - Residency for Emerging Artists in Amsterdam
Further Details:
-View the de Ateliers website
Deadline: Fri 1 Feb 2008
Who Can Apply: Emerging artists preferably under the age of 30