Braziers International Artists Workshop

Established in 1995, Braziers International Artists Workshop is recognised as a unique and highly valued opportunity for artists wishing to examine their practice in critically engaged and global contexts. Though Braziers provides a highly successful artistic model for creative enquiry, the success of the workshop has sometimes lead to artists creating extensions of their existing practice and the focus has often moved away from artistic risk-taking.

Braziers 2008 seeks to redress these imbalances by inviting artists to work collaboratively, to move away from their practice in terms of materials and style and to show a genuine willingness to place themselves and their practice into question; truly exploring areas of artistic and cultural uncertainty and seeking creative solutions through the collaboration, exchange and cultural/artistic dialogue that is the hallmark of the Workshop. Braziers 2008 will ask for a high level of commitment from its members and it is recommended that potential applicants think carefully about their own expectations and willingness to take risks before they apply for this workshop experience. The structure of the workshop will be determined by the selection panelís choice of applicants.

The workshop is open to professional artists from all countries, who have been out of college for at least 2 years. There is a rigorous selection process from an open submission. The selectors have to take into account not only quality of work but also the artistís commitment to taking risks and their ability to embrace different working methods and strategies.

Application Closing date: Mon 25 Feb 2008

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What: Braziers International Artists Workshop
Where: Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
When: Sun 3 Ė Tue 19 Aug 2008
Further Details:
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-Download the application form
Deadline: Mon 25 Feb 2008