Rosalind Franklin Fellowships

To promote the advancement of women in the university, the University of Groningen offers a prestigious fellowship programme, named after Rosalind Franklin, whose X-ray studies of DNA were crucial to determining its structure.

Successful candidates will set up their own research project(s) in the area of their choice, including funds to support a PhD project, and will be expected to attract external funding. They will also contribute to the teaching programs within the faculty.

At the Faculty of Arts, three Rosalind Franklin Fellowships are available. We are looking for highly talented, creative women who aim for a career towards full professorship in a European top research university. Especially candidates in the field of the study of culture (literature, (art)history and cultural studies) are invited to apply.

The University provides a career advisory service for partners of new staff who move to Groningen.

The University is an equal opportunities employer. Because women are still underrepresented in a number of fields, they are particularly encouraged to apply.

Conditions of employment
Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: 5 years

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Rosalind Franklin Fellowships

Who: University of Groningen
What: Rosalind Franklin Fellowships
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Deadline: Fri 1 Feb 2008