Compromised Collaborations: A Problem Shared…?

Proposals are invited for a project examining the theme of collaboration and the difficulty it poses to the artistic integrity of those involved.

We are looking at collaboration in its wider context including, but not limited to its impact upon the conception, realisation and presentation of artworks:

From a formal artistic collaboration where each artist forms an ‘equal’ part of a separate identity; to community art projects where the ‘artist’ sometimes collaborates with a defined group of ‘non-artists’; to an ‘artist’ employing assistants in creating the piece.

On the curatorial perspective we would also be interested in artists wanting to examine the effect of the curator’s role in collaboration with the artist. In terms of how (s)he combines and arranges art works and/or artists to produce a meaning beyond that of the individual pieces; or a curator or group of curators who encourage art to be produced on a certain predetermined theme (not necessarily a primary focus of the responding artists).

Proposals might take the form of part finished pieces, perhaps work the artist has been unable to fully resolve. Or it might be specifically created to pose particular problems and/or to challenge or question us, your co-collaborators.

We will then complete the work on the piece which you have started. We envision the process to take place over the next 12 months. The collection of resulting collaborations will then be exhibited.

All media will be considered.

The project has been created by Gordon Culshaw and John O’Hare who have collaborated on a wide range of exhibitions, most recently on ‘The Roadside Museum’.


Please contact us with any questions and email your proposal to by Friday 4th September 2015

What: Compromised Collaborations: A Problem Shared…?
Deadline: 04/09/2015