Rijksakademie Research Residency

The Rijksakademie is an international meeting place, production and research platform for young emerging artists from all over the world. They can work for one or two years on research, projects and production. Every year approximately 25 new artists are invited for a residency. The work period runs from January through December. Residents have their own studio and a modes work budget. There are several large project spaces available for try-outs, collaborations and presentations.

Residents pursue all major contemporary art disciplines and techniques: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video, film, sound and computer art. The relation of contemporary art with other disciplines such as architecture and public space, theatre, new media, music, dance, literature and film is also highlighted. Residents are supported on an artistic, technical and theoretical level and make appointments for studio visits with visiting artists and other advisors. Technical specialists advice on research, experiments and productions.

The Rijksakademie is more than a residency, offering a unique blend of the features of artists' residencies and research centers (studio, housing, stipend and work budget), production platforms and research centers at the highest international level. Concentration on production and reflection are central to the residency. Rather than pursue standard methods, or focus on a prevailing stylistic approach or ideology, the Rijksakademie offers people and possibilities.

Artists can apply for a residency from January to December 2009 by using the online application form. The deadline for application is Fri 1 Feb 2008.
Rijksakademie Research Residency

What: Rijksakademie Research Residency
When: Jan - Dec 2009
Further Details:
-Visit the Rijksakademie website
Deadline: Fri 1 Feb 2008