The Wild Pansy Press Guide to Neo-Mediaevalism

WPP invites artists’ and writers’ initial outline responses to the idea of the Neo-Mediaeval in culture, politics and social relations today for inclusion in our next publication*.

To avoid getting bogged down in definitions we’ll suggest that neo-medievalism as a neologism was first popularized by Umberto Eco in his 1986 essay Dreaming in the Middle Ages . However, the idea of neomedievalism in political theory was first discussed in 1977 by theorist Hedley Bull suggested society was moving towards a form of neomedievalism in its social and economic structures. Alongside the foregrounding of political and social parallels with the middle ages, artists have, in response, co-opted its vocabulary and aesthetics across every conceivable medium and form.

For this publication, we want to capture a snapshop of current neo-mediaevalism through the lens of the arts which captures (to paraphrase Eco) its curious oscillation between (the) fantastic … and responsible philological examination

We welcome short texts (notional maximum 2000 words) visuals of all kinds, instructional projects, games, work of fiction, fact or any combination of the two. Selected contributions will be included in this latest of an ongoing series of themed group publications in which the editors at WPP act as curators and animateurs to develop publications which extend and confound the usual notions of the book.

We need to receive proposals and expressions of interest by march 30th 2013, with a view to completion by June 30th and publication in July 2013. The publication will be launched at the International Mediaeval Congress at Leeds University .

*The Wild Pansy Press is a collective art practice which also functions as a small publishing house. WPP is based in the School of Fine Art at Leeds University and has built up a considerable catalogue of books and projects exploring and advancing publication (in its widest sense) as both a distributional strategy and medium of practice.
The Wild Pansy Press Guide to Neo-Mediaevalism

What: The Wild Pansy Press Guide to Neo-Mediaevalism
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