We are only in it for the money

Scare in the Community are looking for submissions for an exhibition that scrutinizes assumptions about art’s commercial value.

Artists can submit work in any medium that addresses themes of selling out, commodification and the link between art and money.

Non-commercial artists have always feared the corruption of their ideological position by ‘selling out’, i.e. engaging with the reality of commercial practices. This perspective is reinforced amongst intellectuals with expectations that serious artists must stay clear of the corrupting effects of financial considerations for their work. However, the general public still sees financial success as the main indicator of an art works relevance.

The exhibition will take place in February 2013 at The Princess Alice, a pub on the edge of the financial quagmire of the City of London. Installed across two floors as well as the roof top of the pub the show will aim to engage the customers at the pub in a commercial as well as critical manner.

All artworks will be for sale on a 10% commission basis.

Please email up to 3 images of relevant work, a short CV and description of the piece/ideas to scareinthecommunity [at] yahoo.co.uk

Deadline Wed 30 Jan 2013
We are only in it for the money

What: We are only in it for the money
Where: The Princess Alice Pub, 40 Commercial Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 6LP
When: Exhibition due to take place end of Feb 2013
Further Details:
-Visit the Scare in the Community website
Contact: scareinthecommunity [at] yahoo.co.uk
Deadline: Wed 30 Jan 2013