The International Center of Cultural Exchange and Diplomatic Friendship

Opportunity for artists - Liverpool Biennial residencies*

The ICCEDF is a new Commonwealth Culture Office (CCO) proposed to develop the glorious legacy of the British Empire through international cultural and ambassadorial events. These events, like the Liverpool Biennial, play a key role in neutralizing global difference, making important contributions to peaceful western gains through diplomatic soft-power strategies and international networking.


In today's economic climate, international relations are more important than ever. There are major changes under way in the world. For example, economic power is moving eastwards into Asia as the west successfully exports the values of freedom, democracy and the inevitable logic of capital to the politically repressed. It is unfortunate that as these western values are taken up by the east, the movement of economic activity creates a huge surplus population in the west and a significant loss of western power. In Britain this loss is particularly acute as it follows the decline of British sovereign power through the decolonization of the Empire but, as the London 2012 Olympics have proven, culture can make a difference in rekindling the flame of this former glory.

Be a part of it

We are currently offering artists, cultural workers and theorists the opportunity to become Creative Diplomats, Artist Ambassadors, Cultural High Commissioners and Consuls of Inspiration through residencies of up to a week at the CCO of the ICCEDF in Liverpool. During which time you will be invited to contribute to a publication, The Handbook of Cultural Coercion (working title), your ideas, observations, images and text, responding to the following core themes:

Hegemony rocks
We are global nomads
I heart democracy
Britain's volunteers welcoming the world
Global markets, freedom and autonomy
Monarchy, Military and me
Neo-liberal toolkit
Meritocracy not mediocrity
Coldplay is mightier than the sword

How to apply

Please email us, stating (in under 500 words if possible) why you are interested in this project, providing links to previous examples of your work or activity.

We have accommodation available for the duration of the Liverpool Biennial for up to six artists at a time so groups and collectives are welcome to apply. Each artist or group can stay for their preferred amount of time, from an hour minimum to a week maximum, any time from Monday 23 September to Sunday 11 November 2012 (please specify if you have preferred dates). It is free to apply and, as this project is unfunded, we can offer you independence from any funding agenda or corporate responsibility, it does however mean that there is no fee or expenses available. We will fund the production of the publication and will assist you in any non-monetary way we can.

Deadline: Monday 1 October, 1pm.

Send emails and queries to:
Penny Whitehead - pennywhitehead [at] and
Dan Simpkins - danieljsimpkins [at]

*This project has no affiliation with the Liverpool Biennial, any of its funders, partners or sponsors, or any diplomatic offices, NGOs or any organisation whatsoever. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental, etc.
The International Center of Cultural Exchange and Diplomatic Friendship

What: The International Center of Cultural Exchange and Diplomatic Friendship
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Deadline: Mon 8 Oct 2012, 5pm