Artists' on-demand DVDs

Since 2007, the Live Art Development Agency has been publishing on-demand DVDs, including titles dedicated to the work of Oreet Ashery, Howard Matthew, Richard Dedomenici, Áine Phillips, George Chakravarthi, Ansuman Biswas, curious, Mat Fraser, Adrien Sina, Monica Ross and Aaron Williamson. Earlier this year, we published David Hoyle and Nathan Evans' Revelations, Brian Lobel’s Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer, and Poshya Kakil’s Knitting Iron.

We are now offering three honorariums of £300 each to support three more artists to create on-demand DVDs. This honorarium is to ‘kick start’ the DVD production and can be used as an artist’s fee or to pay for the editing of content or the design of artwork.

This opportunity is not intended for the production of new works for DVD, but rather to bring together existing material(s) for DVD distribution. We anticipate the material featured will probably be works made for camera or documentation of performances. In most cases, DVDs on-demand feature a compilation of a number of pieces.

The physical production of the DVDs is covered by the Agency and done in-house. The Agency splits sales income with the artist and will market and distribute the DVD through the Agency’s online shop, Unbound, and, where possible, through distribution to a small range of bookshops.

The Agency will work with the artists to define the content of the DVD and on the delivery of DVD content and artwork. The Agency will launch all three of the DVDs in March 2013.

Deadline for proposals: Mon 3 Sep 2012.

Please read the full call for proposals for more information about this opportunity and the proposed timeline before making an application.
Artists' on-demand DVDs

What: Artists' on-demand DVDs
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-View the full call for proposals
Deadline: Mon 3 Sep 2012