Cinderella Residency - Call for expressions of interest

A family of five are tired of cleaning up the house. The whole domestic labour malarkey is getting too much. They know that all the work that's done will soon be undone. The mother and father work full time as university lecturers, artists and cultural dissenters. The children are busy with schoolwork, homework, extra-curricular activity and Xbox.

This very privileged family are off on a well-deserved holiday in August.

Their house in Everton, Liverpool will be empty.

The family have expressed a desire to return to a clean house post-August holiday.

You/artists/cultural workers/performance practitioners/activists/feminists/labourers/performers/cleaners are invited to come and clean the house. The family want to know how you did.
Document this labour in any way you want.

What do you get?
You will get a three bedroom house with front and back gardens to live in for the whole of August. The house is situated in Everton, Liverpool and is within walking distance from the city centre.
You will get 'Organic Direct' fruit and veg delivery to your door every Thursday.
You will get a fridge full of food upon arrival.
You will get 425 cash (10% of family's monthly income).
You will get to work at your own pace over August. Clean for a couple of days and leave or stay for the month and clean everyday all day long. Anything in between the two is fine with us.

What do the family get?
The family get a clean house upon their return.

What do we both get?
We both get to consider the performance of domestic labour.
We both get to have a conversation about the whole thing.
We both get a record of cleaning.

To apply please send one A4 outlining why you are the right person or the right collective for the job. You might want to emphasize your cleaning experience.
Deadline: Sun 15 July 2012.
Email: theinstitute [at]

Founded in 2007 and situated in a council house in Everton, Liverpool, The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home are an art activist initiative run by a family of two adults and three children funded by 10% of the family's overall net income. This year the Institute are really, really interested in 'documentation, reproduction and ageing'.
Cinderella Residency

What: Cinderella Residency - Call for expressions of interest
Further Details:
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Contact: theinstitute [at]
Deadline: Sun 15 July 2012.