Westworld - Call for Art and Text

In Michael Crichton’s 1973 feature Westworld, a high-tech hovercraft transports selected guests across a desert zone into the hyper-engineered oasis of a secluded adult amusement park. Westworld allows its guests to reinvent themselves as sheriffs and medieval knights with limitless powers for the duration of their exclusive vacation from reality.

Similar to the artificial world imagined in Westworld, the multinational shopping centre group Westfield has successfully paved its generic fiction of an ideal commercial city over countless brownfield sites across the globe, including the recently opened Westfield Stratford in East London.

Crowned with its own postcode E20, Westfield Stratford is a carefully controlled environment that is entirely shielded from the daunting reminders of recession and social deprivation that mark the surrounding reality of Stratford’s existing urban landscape.

The automatic exclusion of context coupled with the desperate simulation of life that characterises large scale corporate environments such as Westfield is surprisingly reminiscent of your average 21st Century art institution. Assuming that Westfield must therefore be the perfect space to show art, Scare in the Community wants to imagine what it would be like to put on an exhibition at the shopping centre. Westworld will show art works that indulge in escapist fantasies of a perfect consumerist world where everybody is rich, healthy and eternally entertained.

Call for art works

Scare in the Community is looking for London based artists to submit art work that explores ideas of escapism/ fiction /consumerism for an exhibition in East London in 2012. The show will be accompanied by a publication.

Medium: 2D, 3D, video

Send images/videos, a short description of your work and CV to:

Call for texts

We are looking for writers to submit essays, poems, articles about escapism/fiction/consumerism to be included in the publication.

Maximum 2000 words. Send texts to:

Deadline for submissions: Sat 28 Apr 2012

What: Westworld - Call for Art and Text
Further Details:
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Contact: scareinthecommunity[at]yahoo.co.uk
Deadline: Sat 28 Apr 2012