Arttours - Call for projects exploring alternative tourism

We are looking for artists and proposals for a series of inter-disciplinary events, interventions, walks and tours that explore alternative forms of tourism (or respond to existing processes and hierarchies). Ideas can take the form of DIY toolkits for tourists to use on their own initiative, the creation of alternative infrastructure, or guided/performed events in which an artist or facilitator is actively involved. We are open to ideas that are ready to go and easy to facilitate (logistically and financially), and ideas that would require a period of on-site research and conceptual development (although we will only be able to invite a limited number of artists to Stuttgart). Projects should respond in some way to the curatorial focus outlined below (directly or indirectly). We also welcome self-reflective proposals that explore the problematic of our own intentions.

Each project will receive a minimum of between 100 and 500 Euros plus expenses. Artists that need time to develop their ideas will be invited to Stuttgart in May and June. Projects will be presented/enacted in Stuttgart between June 2012 and June 2013. A new website will document and bring together all of the selected activities.

Please send proposals, questions and expressions of interest to:

Curatorial focus for 2012/2013: Archeology of the spectacle

In 2012 we would like to look more closely at the mechanism of tourism itself; it’s real, virtual and political narratives. Rather than simply offer ‚alternative tours’, we want to offer an alternative. We are looking for projects that respond to the status quo, subverting, reinventing or highlighting existing infrastructures, communication strategies and forms of cultural consumption associated with the tourism industry, such as the city tour or the tourism information office.

We are interested in how tourism manifests itself in Stuttgart, the effects of this manifestation, and how we might be able to subvert existing hierarchies and generate dialogue surrounding the role (and potential role) of tourism and the tourist.

We are interested in how tourism reflects on social and cultural conditions, both of the destination and the place of departure, and how the tourism experience is packaged, presented, mediated and eventually consumed. The city becomes an enterprise, and the existence or experience of the city becomes (or is proclaimed) a commodity/product. How does this transformation affect our expectations and perceptions?

‘Archaeology of the spektakel’ is about excavating, analysing, revealing and responding to the tourism industry in Stuttgart, the experience of the city as a tourist, and the set of relationships that are formed between the visitor and the city. This investigation will form the curatorial framework for the next season of Arttours.

Deadline: Sun 15 Apr 2012 (but preferably sooner)

What: Arttours - Call for projects exploring alternative tourism
Where: Stuttgart, Germany
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Deadline: Sun 15 Apr 2012 (but preferably sooner)