The Ends of Audience

People in audiences act: they talk, clap, heckle, sigh, inhale, exhale, rustle, twitch, tweet, dance, flirt, laugh, whisper, shuffle, cough... in doing so, they interact. There is a structure and dynamic to these responses which is central to the experience of being in a live audience. This workshop aims to bring together researchers and professionals with interests in performance, interaction and technology who are working on understanding, instrumenting or experimenting with these dynamics, and the shifting ends of audience that they reveal.

We invite proposals for oral presentations, live demonstrations, installations and performance experiments that explore the nature of interaction in audiences. We especially welcome interventions, participatory formats and creative approaches to convening workshop sessions.

Topics include but are not restricted to:
- the dynamics of collective and individual experiences of performance,
- the communicative organisation of audience-audience interaction,
- non-verbal interaction and emotional contagion,
- remote and co-present audience interactions,
- the phenomenology of audience interaction,
- changing historical and cultural understanding of the audience,
- technologies and methods for sensing audience dynamics,
- technologies and methods for enhancing and manipulating audience engagement.

Location: The workshop will take place in the new Arts 2 building at Queen Mary University of London. Spaces include black box theatre, lecture theatre, foyer and breakout rooms. Specifications are available on request.

Submission Format: A two page summary including: a 300 word abstract, methods and rationale for your work, a specification of format and any technical requirements. Document in PDF format submitted via email to: audience[ at ]

Deadline: Mon 30 Jan 2012, Midnight GMT.
The Ends of Audience

What: The Ends of Audience
Associated Events: Event takes place Queen Mary University of London Wed 30 - Thu 31 May 2012
Further Details:
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Contact: audience[ at ]
Deadline: Mon 30 Jan 2012, Midnight GMT.