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Radical Footage: Film and Dissent invites the submission of short ‘radical’ films to a one-day event to be held at The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, Friday 9th March 2012. Initiated by Oliver Ressler’s introduction to his film What is Democracy? the day will explore the potential of film to contribute to social-political change.

Historically, experimental film has played a significant role in contesting the political status quo from Lenin's early C20 declaration that cinema was the most revolutionary artform to DIY footage of the Arab Spring and anti-capitalist occupations. Locally and globally, film is being used to provoke, agitate, ask questions and generate new politicized communities.

We welcome short films which address any of the following themes in any form (documentary/ experimental/ DIY/ lowtech/hitech) from (either a historical or) a contemporary perspective: public, corporate or intimate sites of dissent/protest; collective action; civil disobedience

Proposed Films for selection (30 minutes max. or a self contained extract) should be on DVD format or via weblink. Submissions should also include a 100 word bio and a 100 word contextual statement.

Deadline: Mon 30 Jan 2012

Radical Footage: Film and Dissent is the latest event in a series initiated by the RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt (RaRa) project, Loughborough University. The (RaRa) project and its associated book series explores the meeting of contemporary practices and interpretations of radicality to promote debate, confront convention and formulate alternative ways of thinking about art practice.
Radical Aesthetics Radical Art

What: Radical Aesthetics Radical Art
Associated Events: Event takes place The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, Fri 9 Mar 2012.
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Contact: E-mail: J.Tormey[ at ]lboro.ac.uk, G.Whiteley[ at ]lboro.ac.uk
Deadline: Mon 30 Jan 2012