‘Headlies’ is a text and visual project that uses real newspaper headlines but the stories beneath them are fabricated and fictional. Newspapers often take sides and we, the reader, judge on humanity from its text and photograph. From the newspaper’s perspective, access to public information is a good thing but a newspaper’s function surely is to tell the society about itself and to be a pollinator of its information? Its role is to inform the citizens but as information gradually travels down, the citizens become ill-advised, ill-prepared and mis-informed.

How to apply:

• Artists and photographers are required to represent a fictional article through their visual interpretation (photograph)

• Please send an email to Diana Ali at alidiana[at]gmail.com

• You will then be given a newspaper article. Take one photograph which you think represents that particular story.

• Send the photograph along with a caption underneath, your name and location back to the same email address.

• The collation of stories and photographs will become a large global project of interpretation and mis-information.

Deadline: Sat 1 Oct 2011.

What: Headlies
Contact: alidiana[at]gmail.com
Deadline: Sat 1 Oct 2011