Contrapunt / Counterpoint
Noun: 1. In music, the art of combining two or more relatively independent melodies into a harmonic texture.
Verb: 2. To emphasize or clarify by contrast or juxtaposition.

Counterpoint will be a multidisciplinary event taking place from 28th November to 4th December as part of the first national event organised by Platforma – a UK-wide network of artists and organisations interested in the arts by and about refugees.

We are inviting proposals from visual and performance artists who are interested in and working around the issues of exile, migration, displacement and related issues to comment on these themes through painting, sculpture, photography, performance, sound or film.

Counterpoint is defined as the art of combining two or more dimensions – cultures, settings, homes, narratives, melodies etc – in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship between them, even if mutually antagonistic or irreconcilable. The intention of Counterpoint is to explore Edward Said’s idea that through their simultaneous awareness of different realities, exiles, refugees and migrants can create a uniquely plural vision of society, questioning the notions of objective reality and suggesting new ways forward. We are interested in proposals that respond to, reflect or unpick this concept in exciting and challenging ways.

Specifically, in terms of performance we are looking for a number of shorter performance pieces which will be presented in a space on the second floor of the building, which could also accommodate works requiring silence. In the context of the Club Row space, the proposed works should be “non–theatrical” in their conception and staging, and not have extensive or elaborate technical requirements. Please note that the second floor is not wheelchair accessible.

To complement the performance and exhibition programme we are also inviting writers, artists and refugees to send texts that provide contrapuntal approaches to different cultures, homes, settings etc. These texts will be presented in a dedicated space in the Rochelle School as a multi-voiced, multi-lingual textual materialisation of Counterpoint.

Where: Club Row, Rochelle School, Shoreditch, London
When: Mon 28 Nov - Sun 4 Dec 2011
Further Details:
- Visit the Platforma website
Deadline: Thu 1 Sep 2011