The Real Trident Replacement Challenge

Having found twenty billion quid down the back of a governmental sofa, Grunts for the Arts are overjoyed to be inviting submissions for their latest re-imagining of our collective futures; the Real Trident Replacement Challenge.

Instead of retooling for a new Cold War we are calling on individuals/groups to submit proposals that re-invent the nuclear capability of the UK as cultural projects. Project ideas will be developed over the course of the If Not, Then What anti-cuts project, exploring new visions of society, curated by Cecilia Wee and Chelsea Programme, Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Proposals might be subversive, humorous, unbelievable, extraordinary and ambitious.
This is an opportunity to literally think the unthinkable, to create artistic visions of alternate worlds; to provide our leaders, who seem unable or unwilling to imagine, this better future proposed, celebrated and engendered by GFA.

With a focus on documenting, disseminating, mocking-up, presenting and marketing these alternative prizes/projects, the half-day workshop on Thursday 10 March 2011 will nurture successful proposals through group discussion, practical demonstration and rehearsal, leading to performance routines, viral media and press announcements.

Participants will be expected to play an active part in a day-long event on Saturday 12 March 2011, as part of the If Not, Then What?* project, coinciding with the Liberal Democrat conference** and just weeks before the NUS/TUC rally on 26 March 2011.
The Real Trident Replacement Challenge

What: The Real Trident Replacement Challenge
Further Details:
- Visit the Grunts for the Arts website
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Contact: gruntsforthearts[at]
Deadline: Fri 18 Feb 2011