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The Free University of Liverpool is now recruiting for a 6 month Foundation Degree in Culture and Performance. Interested in how Culture shapes our world and how Performance changes it? Sign up for our Foundation Degree totally FREE of charge at the Free University of Liverpool.

This is suitable for beginners. No qualifications necessary. We take people from any background and walk of life. The hope is that this Foundation Degree will give people confidence to go on and study with us for a BA in Cultural Praxis which will start in October 2012.

The Foundation Degree will run from October 2011 to April 2012 and is FREE for all students. Places are limited to 15 so sign up now to avoid disappointment. We are receiving applications now. Further information about admissions available here.

Higher Education is a right for all not a privilege for the few. It is on this basis the Free University of Liverpool is committed to FREE education for ANY student in the world who wants to study with us. At the Free University of Liverpool we believe that critical thought and action are at the heart of changing the world we live in. With this in mind we support, teach about and practice cultural activism. We believe in the strength of intervention, in the necessity of interruption and the efficacy of interference in the powers that seek to privatise and instrumentalise education. The current cuts the ConDems announced are promising to ruin civil society in the UK. This is the last straw! We will not sit here and take it any more. We will rise up and educate each other and ourselves to FIGHT BACK!

We are interested in those who wish the world were otherwise and are willing to take steps to make it otherwise. Students wishing to learn with us will take a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Praxis: a three-year course, taught on the ground in Liverpool by a dedicated team of cultural activists, educationalists and cultural workers with experience and formal qualifications (all core staff have Ph.D.s). Lectures, seminars and workshops will form the core activities of the university with equal weight given to the power of words and the power of action. Praxis is our watchword.

This BA is accredited by the blessing of the leading thinkers, writers, artists and educationalists, all of whom have contributed to the course by way of interviews and lectures. They believe, like we do, that higher education is a right for all not a privilege for the few.

The Free University of Liverpool is run cooperatively by The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home (Dr Lena Simic and Dr Gary Anderson) and Dr Lorena Rivero de Beer.
The Free University of Liverpool

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