Trampoline, Year 10 - Call for Submissions

Trampoline celebrates over 10 years in new media art…

The Theme: The Surveillance City

Scrambling through data pipelines and concealed electronic crawl-throughs, where our every move is traceable, recordable and identifiable, we carelessly drop a litter of data that is grist to the mill of this surveillance system…

The New City is here.

A city where reflected glass monsters belie more familiar shapes and a new cultural construct is repeatedly reconfigured and reconsidered. Hidden urban cultures and prying eyes find new passageways to explore here. The infiltration of our living space by virtual space is hastened by the cameras above us and mobile communications in our pockets. The staggering speed in which we have created a linked planet is exploited by individuals, industry and the media while governments struggle to implement rules.

Trampoline is calling for submissions in 2 areas of interest:

1. Surveillance City

Trampoline considers all forms of new media expressions, with a look at how artists are teaching themselves the game plan for this wireless, super conductive urban landscape that is emerging around us.

2. Open Platform in New Media Performance

In addition to this, Trampoline will curate a programme of new media performance celebrating the diversity of 10 years in this area. Of particular interest are live media performance, performance video, live streaming, audio tours and participatory, mobile projects.

How to Submit work

Submissions should include:

* Images/documentation/videofootage (supporting material in one of the following formats: as standard definition DVD or VHS, as a file on CD (SWF, Quicktime or Avi accepted – use standard codecs such as Sorenson, Cinepak or DivX). Any file that cannot be viewed using standard media players will be passed over.
* Description of work
* CV
* submissions form, downloadable from here

Key points to consider in your proposal:

* From video, animation, installation, sculpture, performance, live music, and web streaming Trampoline encourages all forms of new media expressions.

* Work needs to be easily installed and all equipment and arrangements need to be set out in the proposal. Work, which requires production budgets or extensive set-up times cannot be taken on.

* We especially encourage the submission of participatory works, which promote a high degree of audience involvement.

* Please include an SAE if you would like your submission returned to you.

Available Exhibition Spaces in Broadway Media Centre

Screen 3
Seats 99, ideal for showcasing video and large visual performance.

A multi-purpose, white walled and versatile space utilised for installed work, projections, performances.

Glass Screen
A dual projection screen on the front of the Broadway. Contact Trampoline for more technical information on simultaneous projections.

Small Screens Network
A series of 4 flat plasma screens displayed throughout the building.

Projection space on wall and performance environment.

Submissions to be send to:

Trampoline Submissions
Broadway Cinema
14-18 Broad Street
Trampoline, Year 10

Who: Trampoline
What: Trampoline, Year 10 - Call for Submissions
Where: Trampoline Submissions, Broadway Media Centre, 14-18 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL
When: Thurs 29 Nov 2007, 7:00pm - late
Further Details:
Visit the Trampoline website
Matt Davenport
+44 (0)115 8409272
Deadline: Mon 12 Nov 2007