onedotzero - call for submissions

onedotzero are seeking innovative short films, installations, interactive work and live audiovisual performances to showcase at the bfi southbank, london, uk, 10-14 november 2010. the five-day festival is the first stop on onedotzero's extensive worldwide network of events.

onedotzero_adventures in motion has been the largest dedicated digital short film festival in the world since 1999. over fourteen years the programme has expanded to embrace a wide range of digital motion arts and is acclaimed by artists, audiences and creative industries alike for providing a platform to explore new ideas and fresh innovation through curated compilation screenings, features, exhibitions, live av performances, club nights, presentations and panel discussions.

submit now! this is your chance to showcase your work on an international platform and it is completely free to enter!

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programming themes:
the core programmes that remain central to onedotzeros ethos are:
wow + flutter:
onedotzero, the pioneering home for exploring motion graphics, motion typography, visual code, processing, animation, digital and short experimental works.

wavelength: dedicated to exploring visually progressive, music-driven moving image and music videos, including rarely screened promos and unofficial versions.

extended play: a select international narrative-driven programme of short films and animations with unique visual style, which extend beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling.
plus many more still to be confirmed!

this year, the festival programme will also reach out to explore the following new themes:

this years festival theme takes a utopian approach. in the past, when we pondered about the future, our visions were largely optimistic. the future was going to be a wonderful place, full of bright, new ideas and technology benefiting social harmony. the future is now here, however there is a propensity for doom and gloom. onedotzero wants the theme of utopia to bring a sense of adventure, hope and positivity about our future world to the festival! what is your vision of a better future?

code warriors
creatives are increasingly using computer code as a raw material to create generative, fluid and self-perpetuating moving image. this brand-new new programme will showcase the most imaginative examples of work in this field.

onedotzero has always been rather partial to our mechanical friends of the future, demonstrated over the years in the festival programming. we are now seeking robot-themed or inspired shorts, which explore the ethics and potential social effects of a world shared with robots or androids.

deadline: Wed 30 june 2010, 5pm.

What: onedotzero - call for submissions
Further Details:
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Deadline: Wed 30 June 2010, 5pm