CONVOCATORIA - 2010 International Pocha Nostra Workshop

La Pocha Nostra will conduct their 12-day intensive summer workshop on performance art with a focus on the human body as a site for creation, reinvention, memory and activism. This cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational workshop will host up to 24 performance artists and students (half will be from around the world and the other half will be Mexican). The summer performance workshop is La Pocha's most important pedagogic endeavour of the year.

The exciting 8-hour per day workshop will offer two parallel processes: Participants are exposed to La Pocha Nostra’s most recent performance methodologies, an eclectic combination of exercises borrowed from multiple traditions including performance art, experimental theater and dance, the Suzuki method, ritual shamanism, performance games and live jam sessions. Parallel to this hands-on process, the group will analyze the creative process, the issues addressed by the work, its aesthetic currency, cultural impact and political pertinence. We will also organize various performance interventions into other city spaces including the old railroad station and various local museums. The workshop will culminate with a live jam session open to the local arts community.

Applicants must have some performance experience, and must be familiar with La Pocha Nostra’s work. The workshop is extremely fun but rigorous. Both English and Spanish will be spoken.

Applicants must submit the following:

(a) A one-page statement (in English or Spanish,) stating why you are interested in participating
(b) A one-page resume
(c) A sample of your work either on disc or online. Clearly describe the medium, title and any other contextual information.
(d) An optional letter of recommendation from a curator, director, producer or senior artist familiar with your work.

Please submit your application to Emma Tramposch, Project Coordinator, La Pocha Nostra:

Please submit your application to La Perrera

Deadline for international applicants: Tue 1 Jun 2010

The workshop tuition is $650 US dollars. The fees do not include room or board. However La Pocha Nostra and our wonderful local hosts always aim to provide a selection of low cost housing and meal options to help participants defray costs. Please consider your daily costs when assessing if the workshop is feasible for you. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis in Mexico, there is absolutely no funding for travel or tuition scholarships this year.

What: CONVOCATORIA - 2010 International Pocha Nostra Workshop
Where: Oaxaca, Mexico
When: Sun 1 - Fri 13 Aug 2010
Further Details:
-Visit La Pocha Nostra's website
Deadline: Tue 1 Jun 2010