REDO PAKISTAN Issue 2 - Call for Submissions

Other Asias presents REDO PAKISTAN (issue 2).

REDO PAKISTAN is a nomadic art project that was launched at the Shanaakht Festival in Karachi in 2009 and toured to London, UK. After a symposium in Lahore - it subsequently become a newspaper of artists & writers proposals. We are seeking submissions for issue 2:

‘DECLARATION(1) OF WAR(2) AGAINST(3) THE PRESENT(4) TIME(5) 1 The formal announcement of the beginning of state or condition. 2 To deal with or end a particular unpleasant or undesirable situation or condition. 3 In anticipation of and preparation for a problem or difficulty. 4 Expression of action now going on or habitually performed or a condition now existing. 5 A distinct period of history.

Literal translation of ‘Zarb-e-Kalim’ (title of the poetry compilation by Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal). Published in the year 1936 for the same nation 73 years ago. The message has been updated in the year 2010 and calls for urgent consideration.

We challenge you to declare WAR, intellectually, socially against the existing. The best ideas, designs, descriptions, proposals, images, critical writing selected will be printed, published and distributed as part of the ‘Redo Pakistan’ quarterly Newspaper and will be curated at our Newspaper Events.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 5 February 2010
Send to or House no 9, Street 17, Sector C, Phase 1, Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad.

REDO PAKISTAN - The Redo Pakistan newspaper is a quarterly newspaper. The 6 page periodical is in Urdu and English both. It will be printed and published in Lahore-Pakistan, will be distributed and shown internationally, touring to London, UK in mid 2010. An event will be held in London, UK in mid 2010 (Exact date TBC) based around the newspaper entries. For Short films, animation, video work, power point presentations - please send 1) SYNOPSIS 2) DURATION 3) JPEG STILL.

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What: REDO PAKISTAN Issue 2 - Call for Submissions
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Deadline: Fri 5 Feb 2010