The National Testing Grounds of Live Art

“The fate of thought depends and will depend for a long time between regret and assay“. Jean-Francois Lyotard, What is post-modernism? 1982

Testing Grounds believes in the importance of both celebrating ongoing and enduring artistic achievements and supporting the next generation of artistic production. Taking place in Brighton in March 2010, The National Testing Grounds of Live Art is a performance platform and development programme commissioning new works from artists exploring Live Art or Music, and encouraging them to push forward their practice.

We are open to applications from artists to make new work, develop new performance projects, rather than reproducing an existing set-performance. In fact, we won’t accept applications to show old work. We actively seek artists to apply to us with their newest, most daring, most imaginative or most thought-provoking ideas. We will then select the best ones and help the artists to develop them and show the new finished works to an audience at The National Testing Grounds of Live Art at the Permanent Gallery in Brighton.

With the greatest respect for other established and stimulating Live Art organisations who do great work to promote and celebrate pre-existing, polished performances, we at The National Testing Grounds of Live Art, focus our curatorial energies on new ideas. Looking forwards rather than looking backwards, we encourage new proposals and support the next generation of landmark performances.

Testing Grounds aims to provide audiences with a wide variety of works by presenting an eclectic program and embodying diverse artistic attitudes and approaches. Different genres of work are mixed and blended, thus resonating with contemporary curatorial debates, namely to what extent separate artistic disciplines are still in existence or relevant. Testing Grounds also contributes to the richness of the South East region Live Art scene by creating a place where the electricity that surrounds new work fills the air and audiences can mix, enjoy the works and socialise.

This will be the final Testing Grounds of this series of 6 events. Pending successful funding and new and renewed partnerships, we will return in the summer with an exciting new programme.

This event is a partnership with Permanent Gallery and is funded by The Arts Council, South East.

Deadline for application: Fri 5 Feb 2010.
Visit the Testing Grounds website to download an application pack.

Email your proposal to Nadege Derderian,
The National Testing Grounds of Live Art

What: The National Testing Grounds of Live Art
Where: Permanent Gallery, 20 Bedford Place, Brighton BN1 2PT
When: Sat 13 Mar 2010
Further Details:
-Visit the Testing Grounds website
-Visit the Permanent Gallery website
Deadline: Fri 5 Feb 2010