Conspiracy Dwellings Symposium on Surveillance: Call for Paper Proposals

The symposium explores the ways which contemporary art has addressed the issues associated with state control, surveillance, past and present at a time of uncertainty when global terrorism highlights its controversial status. The invited speakers include Pam Skelton (artist and senior lecturer in Fine Art, University of Arts London) and Verena Kyselka (artist, Germany). The symposium includes a visit to the Conspiracy Dwellings and Surveillance exhibitions at South Hill Park.

Call for proposals

We welcome proposals for 25-minute papers that address the ways which contemporary artists have explored surveillance and totalising strategies of social and political control either in their historic context or within the context of contemporary developments. These may include the development and application of advanced methods of ‘total’ surveillance, the introduction of so-called emergency legislation, the practice and justification of physical and mental torture, indefinite periods of incarceration of members of targeted communities and groups without trial or legal representation.
Please email your proposal with a short biographical statement to Dr Outi Remes at


The booking fee of £12 includes lunch and coffee/tea. Call to book: 0134 4484123 by Thur 10 Jan 2007. The symposium is sponsored by Arts Council England.
Conspiracy Dwellings Symposium on Surveillance

What: Conspiracy Dwellings Symposium on Surveillance: Call for Paper Proposals
Where: Recital Room, South Hill Park Arts Centre, RG12 7PA
When: Fri 18 Jan 2008, 11am – 5pm
0134 4484123
Deadline: Mon 10 Dec 2007, 5pm