Rattle is a new journal of art, writing, and thought. It will offer a speculative space for the text-image relationship to develop, as well as representing those moments of thought and work not easily recuperated into the mainstreams of practice. We are now accepting submissions for our first issue.

Finished work may include, but is by no means limited to, theoretical and critical writing, reviews, fictions, poetry, and page based artworks.

Proposals are welcomed but publication cannot be guaranteed before receiving finished work.
We encourage the submission of interesting and unusual work regardless of its form or subject.

Written work should be no longer than 5,000 words. Page based art work should occupy no more than 8 pages of A5.

Publication will be in black and white only, please take this into consideration when including images.

The deadline for submissions for our first issue is Thu 15 Oct 2009. Any submissions received after that date will be kept and considered for future issues.

Please email submissions or enquiries to:
Jon Shaw - jonkshaw@gmail.com or
Tom Robinson - duckpondcowboy@gmail.com

What: Rattle
Contact: Jon Shaw - jonkshaw@gmail.com or Tom Robinson - duckpondcowboy@gmail.com
Deadline: Thu 15 Oct 2009