The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations. Everyone can apply worldwide and there is no participation fee.

The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded annually. The prize winner receives the Jackpot Stipendium consisting of three parts:
- A challenge cup,
- 10 days of accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland)
- A sum of money in cash.

The amount of money is dynamic. SZPILMAN is raising money parallel to the competition. The prize winner receives the money that is raised until September 30, 2009. The amount can be checked at the SZPILMAN AWARD website.

Among the applicants, one award winner will be identified. The challenge cup will be handed over to the next prize winner in the subsequent year.

Members of the jury: Bernd Euler, Lise Harlev, Leonard Kahlcke, Patrick Koch, Tina Kohlmann, Claus Richter, Tina Schott, Kamila Szejnoch (prize winner 2008), and Michal Sznajder - are glad to announce the SZPILMAN AWARD also in 2009.

Deadline: Wed 30 Sep 2009 (postmark)

For all informations and the application form visit and Apply Now!

Further Details:
- Visit the SZPILMAN website
Deadline: Wed 30 Sep 2009 (postmark)