The Wait Gallery

The Wait Gallery is an online space for exhibiting the things you did while waiting for something else.

"This is fairly ambiguous. What does it mean to wait? It could mean the masterpiece you did whilst waiting for recognition or equally the scribble you did whilst waiting for someone to answer your phone call. It might be a sketch done whilst waiting for a bus or a train, a photo taken whilst at the airport or the doctors, an empty bag of crisps you folded up into a triangle without even thinking about it, anything created whilst waiting for something else.

We'd even love to just hear the story of what you did. How you approach this is up to you. All we ask is that you give real thought to how it meets this one requirement and explain that with the piece. So much time spent waiting is thought of as time to kill. It is the things you do to kill that time that we want to gather together. What you send in does not have to be art or aesthetically pleasing. It's what you were waiting for that we want to know.

We're also keen to receive work about waiting and, again, the form this takes is up to you.

We currently have around 2,500 members around the world and receive new work daily. The Wait Gallery website is on its way, as are events, exhibitions and publications. Until then you can find us on MySpace."

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How to take part:

Send texts, photos and videos to The Wait Gallery whenever you find yourself waiting around with nothing else to do, and take part in an exhibition.

Save the number below to your phone so that you have it ready, and remember to include your email address, website or MySpace URL to be credited. Please pass it on to any friends who might be interested.

Inside the UK 07790 049 364
Outside the UK 0044 7790 049 364

Calls are charged at standard rates. Please do not leave voicemail.
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Inside the UK 07790 049 364
Outside the UK 0044 7790 049 364
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