The Way We Are

This exhibition will serve as a museum for now, allowing us to present our contemporary lives using a historical perspective, as part of the North by North Western Arts Festival, Wigan, 1-8 August 2009.

The museum narrative, being subjective, is as much fiction as it is fact, and the format will allow us to choose the elements of our reality that we wish to illustrate, in turn creating our own truths. It is also about the relativity of perception, there is no universal ‘now’.

Creating our own museum will put us in a unique position, as we are identifying a future heritage, suggesting how we will be seen as individuals and as a society.

Although we live in a time that is more documented than any other, particularly with the phenomenon of social network sites enabling the report of our every move, this exhibition will allow artists to provide a focused, conscious and provocative demonstration of the way we are.

We are looking for work made within the last two years in any media that you feel responds to this brief.

To download an application form visit the North by North Western Festival website
The Way We Are

What: The Way We Are
Where: Wigan
When: August 2009
Further Details:
-Visit the North by North Western Festival website
Deadline: Thu 25 Jun 2009