Expo Leeds

Expo is the hub and playground of the experimental music and sound art scene in the UK and beyond. Free and open, the event mobilises a national network of artists and engages with communities from all backgrounds placing sonic art and the people who make it in direct contact with the public. Expo steps out from traditional venues and into spaces that lie at the heart of the community - inspiring practitioners and the public to reconsider their environments.

Expo will land in Leeds in September 09 for a long weekend of performance, exhibition and presentation which will take place across a variety of physical and virtual spaces.

The weekend aims to highlight the broadest possible range of approaches and thinking that surround the sonic arts. We welcome submissions of all kinds. Alongside international artists, the festival has previously showcased work by young people, disabled adults and those with learning difficulties, students and hundreds of emerging UK artists. We want all work of all kinds that has sound as a central element.

As well as asking for all kinds of submitted work for its programme Expo Leeds is offering 4000 of commission money towards the creation of a new installation work that will sit within the Leeds Arena space at Leeds City Museum during the festival weekend.

Please visit expofestival.org for details on how to submit and updates on the programme.
Deadline for submissions and commission proposals: Fri 29 May 2009.

Expo Leeds, Thu 24 - Tue 29 Sep 2009, presented by Sound and Music and MAAP.
Expo Leeds

What: Expo Leeds
When: Thu 24 - Tue 29 Sep 2009
Further Details:
- Visit the Expo Leeds website
Deadline: Fri 29 May 2009