Suitcase Series

TotalKunst is a lively artist-run gallery in the heart of Edinburgh. We are inviting proposals for our ongoing gallery project “Suitcase Series” that plays with notions of distance, space, location, interpretation and interaction. The work consists of instructions sent to us for altering or otherwise using the gallery space, which we will undertake, set up and interpret according to the parameters set by you. We will produce documentation of this process that will then be sent back to you. We will also cover all publicity for your exhibition. While we are welcoming all kinds of proposals in all media, due to the location of our gallery in a high traffic area of the city we are particularly suited for work that involves audience participation.

For more information, please email under a heading “Suitcase Series”, to:
Suitcase Series

What: Suitcase Series
Where: TotalKunst, Edinburgh
Further Details:
-Visit the Totalkunst website
Deadline: Ongoing