Unnamed Collaboration

Unnamed Collaboration has been running for nine months and is currently at the point of expanding through a series of structured events and investigations.

The collaborative project seeks to answer a fundamental question: ‘can a group of artists work together?’ The experiment tests this idea without recourse to well-tried and worn methods of collaborative practice, avoiding projects like group happenings, in which the collaborators often remain mere participants. We are also placing emphasis on the experience of the audience, finding ways of engaging with the process of collaboration without the necessity of talking about the process directly or exclusively.

The group of seven artists have been working together for a number of months, creating work which tests their conceptions of collaboration and allows them to practice in ways they would not do singularly.

We are looking for participants willing to commit to a month long pairing commencing April 2009. Submission is open to all London based artists interested in exploring the dynamics of collaboration; it’s possibilities, failures and possible applications to their own practice. Over the period following April’s month partnership a string of events will be organised to expand the collaborative framework.

On Sunday 22 March 2009 we will be presenting a collection of works and facilitating a discussion around the project. The event, both an exhibition and a publicly-open crit, plays an integral role in the project's development. It reviews the group's work to date to open up new opportunities for collaboration. Unnamed Collaboration will culminate in a catalogue / exhibition / event in October of 2009. While the exact nature of this extravaganza is still to be determined cooperatively by all those involved, it will likely present a snapshot of both the small groups' projects and reflections on the collaboration as a whole.

The event will take place in a venue on Wharf Rd, London N1, at 4pm on Sunday 22 March 2009.
The exhibiting artists are:
Marsha Bradfield
Ben Coode-Adams
Tanya Cottingham
Phil Hurt
Josh Love
Douglas Nicholson
Pierre d’Alancaisez

Please email pierre@petitpoi.net if you’d like to attend and for more information.
Unnamed Collaboration

What: Unnamed Collaboration
Where: Waterside, Wharf Road, London N1 7UX
Contact: pierre@petitpoi.net
Deadline: Initial event takes place 4pm Sun 22 Mar 2009