Other Asias - Re-do Pakistan

An open submission Group Show to be held in Karachi-Pakistan, Dhaka-Bangladesh, London-UK in April 2009. Group Show takes place in a form of a symposium.

All envisioners respond to the idea 'Re-do Pakistan'.

Presented by Other Asias. Conceived by Fatima Hussain.

Pakistan was founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah in 1947 who served as its first Governor-General. Over the decades it has been founded again and again geographically, politically and intellectually by the temporary Governments, unstable rulers, natural hazards, and the political super powers.

What if, Pakistan was to be restored, stabilized today by the social envisioners? What would a Pakistan, reconstructed in 2009, the year after the unstable rule, look like?

What if instead of the super powers renovating the third world nations, were to leave one country in the hands of the social envisioners? How do you fantasize remodeling the land, geographically, politically, and intellectually? We challenge you to propose a design, plan, idea that eradicates anything you feel threatens the nation and proves to be the eu-topos we all have been waiting for. The best ideas, designs, descriptions, proposals, images, videos selected will be discussed thoroughly and the best plan of action will be acted upon.

The proposals, images, videos selected will be shown in a symposium held in Karachi-Pakistan, Dhaka-Bangladesh and London-UK. The symposium will have 5 guest speakers who will discuss all aspects of the selected works/ideas sent for the renovation of Pakistan. The discussion will lead to solving the issues at hand. The chosen set of works will be discussed in three different symposiums held in three different places.

Register now and send us your ideas for a reformed nation.

Any medium -Photography, Animation, Film, Drawing, Sound, Performance, Proposal, Critical Writing, Creative Writing, Plans etc. (Preferably not large scale works)

Registration Deadline: Tue 10 Mar 2009.

Registration forms can be downloaded from www.otherasias.com

Submission Deadline: Fri 20 Mar 2009.

Works will be collected in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
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What: Other Asias - Re-do Pakistan
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Deadline: Registration by Tue 10 Mar 2009