A Wee Tasty Presents ... Experiment

Experiment is a new bi-monthly exhibition / music event located in Glasgow's Stereo Venue. The Aim of the night is to present a range of artworks from artists and musicians working within the UK.

We see the night as an opportunity for artists to create a more experimental body of work than they might normally consider for a typical show, while also being informed by the unique conditions and circumstances of the event. Our Musical acts will not be running through their typical repertoire, but rather exploring and collaborating with artists and other performers to achieve a unique one off performances.

The first evening primarily focuses on the exhibition/performance space and mission statement of the event, to take art/music outside of its normal gallery or stage context, while accommodating as many formats and methods as possible.

We are now accepting submissions for the event from artists of all disciplines. We recommend anyone interested in applying for the show visit our website (www.aweetasty.co.uk) where you will find submission details available in PDF format, along with regular updates and announcements.

Closing date for application is Thu 19 Mar 2009 9am. Any works not included in this show, or submitted after the deadline will be considered for the second event.
A Wee Tasty Presents ...

What: A Wee Tasty Presents ... Experiment
Where: Glasgow, Stereo, 20-28 Renfield Lane Glasgow, G2 6PH
When: Thu 9 Apr, 2009, 7pm - 2.30am
Further Details:
Visit the A Wee Tasty website
Contact: contact@aweetasty.co.uk
Deadline: 9am Thu 19 Mar 2009