Artist In Residence: Transition

We are offering a residency to an artist to work within the context of a college of arts which is in transition and to engage with aspects of sustainability ecologically, financially and socio-politically.

Although the merged colleges' history, location and legacy, the process of its relocation and the physical and metaphorical space between Dartington and Falmouth are to inform the project, the artist may respond to the brief in any way, and should maintain an integrity to their own practice. They should not regard the brief as requiring a literal or instrumentally defined outcome.

Artists can be from any arts discipline and should be engaged with an exploratory or experimental practice.

The residency is to include a form of public access appropriate to the practice of the artist and the aims and objectives of the project. This could include talks, presentations, workshops, exhibitions or performances. These would be at UCF/Dartington and could also be for specific groups such as schools, arts organisations etc.

Commission fee 7,000
Public engagement contract 1,000
Up to 1,000 materials and expenses
In-kind support in the form of access to facilities, exhibition and accommodation

For all other details concerning duration, facilities, application details etc. please go to for a full listing.
Artist In Residence

What: Artist In Residence: Transition
Where: University College Falmouth
Further Details:
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Deadline: 1pm, Mon 16 Feb 2009