Two Live Art Performance and Networking Opportunities

Ingredients: Time, Studio space, Artists, Students
Method: Put them all together and tell them to make something. Anything can happen. Come and see if it does.

The ‘Working Weekend’ is a chance to interrogate, manipulate and subvert the idea of ‘work’. It aims to provide space and time to explore and develop your artistic practice in collaboration with other artists and students taking part.

Three artists will be part of the weekend to guide and mentor participants. It will also be an opportunity to develop your own collaboration skills and build on your artist network.

Sat 31 Jan – Sun 1 Feb 2009 in the Studio Theatre, at Essex University.

Working hours: 10 – 6 pm (Sat and Sun)
Public hours: 12 – 5 pm (Sat and Sun)
Final public presentation: 4pm (Sun)

The Live Art Club
Ever wondered what Live Art is? Is it something you relate to within your own artistic practice? Would you like to meet artists, see and discuss Live Art? Could it be a useful strategy for your work?

Come along to The Live Art Club starting on Wed 21 Jan 2009 at The Studio Theatre, Essex University from 7 – 9pm. No booking required, just turn up on the night

Any artists and students interested and/or working in Live Art (including contemporary performance and interdisciplinary practices) is encouraged to come along and meet others making and exploring Live Art.

The Live Art Club will meet quarterly and delve into the history, definition, role and current practitioners of Live Art.

If you are interested in taking part in A Working Weekend or The Live Art Club please contact Vicki Weitz (East Activator):

The Live Art Club and A Working Weekend are part of the New Work Network Activator project, supported by Colchester Arts centre, The Lakeside Theatre and Essex University. The Activator project aims to build on artist networks across the East of England by creating networking and performance opportunities within the region.
Two Live Art Performance and Networking Opportunities

What: Two Live Art Performance and Networking Opportunities
Further Details:
- Visit the New Work Network wesbite
Contact: Vicki Weitz (East Activator):
Deadline: Events take place Wed 21 Jan and Sat 31 Jan – Sun 1 Feb 2009