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The December issue of art art art will focus on ‘Art V History’. We welcome any ideas for interviews, articles, or reviews relating to this subject. If you are interested please email by Sat 15 November 2008 with a brief 100-200-word proposal.

If selected the final copy deadline for any articles or reviews will be December 1st. Art V History will be distributed to our readership of nearly 10,000 artists and curators in late December.

Submissions could include a discussion of the relevance of an institutional model to contemporary practice, the preservation or reinvention of historical art and artifacts or a reassessment of assumptions apparent in accepted art history and criticism.

Unfortunately at present submissions are unpaid although we are currently moving towards professional writing in 2009 If you would like to read the current issue: The Global Art Market, please visit the art art art website.

Matt Roberts Arts is a not for profit organisation founded in 2006, to create opportunities for early career artists in new locations, and to link up networks in London with potential partners across Britain.
art art art - Art V History

What: art art art - Art V History
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Deadline: Sat 15 Nov 2008