Radiator Festival - Going Underground

"Going Underground"

Sousveillance - the counterpart to surveillance, where the ‘observed’ turns around, to face and watch the ‘observer’, recording the observers actions and movements.

Radiator would like to place 5 artists into the urban confines of our cities- the offices and backrooms of companies and institutions - architects, planning departments, telemarketeers, city council offices, surveillance and monitoring centres – are just some of the types of agencies that will act as sleeper agents allowing artists to bide their time observing, gathering information, conducting work for the agency and creating new work in response to the research they have undertaken. This research will eventually be presented a “debriefing meeting”, otherwise known as the Radiator Symposium that will take place in January ’09 in partnership with Nottingham Trent University at Broadway cinema (http://www.broadway.com).

The Radiator festival started in 2000 and has hosted and curated events in both Nottingham and Berlin. Previous festivals have included the artists; Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie, Blast Theory, Marco Peljhan, Gob Squad, Chris Evans, Tom McCarthy, Simon Pope, Chris Cunningham, Calum Stirling, Desperate Optimists, Michelle Teran and Rimini Protokoll.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for proposals from artists and practitioners outlining ideas for covert research into the effect of everyday business and government on the technologies and architecture that shape our cities and working day environments.

Included in the proposal should be details of how these findings obtained could be exhibited to the public.

What we offer:

- We offer a research stipend of £1200 plus production expenses towards exhibition
- Exhibition during the Radiator Festival in the East Midlands
- A position in the Radiator Symposium on Performing Space at Broadway
- A chance to develop work further for touring internationally in 2009

What we require:

- A proposal, which shouldn’t be more than 2 sides of A4 (excluding biogs, CVs etc) which includes details of:
*Organisation, institution, department or company your residency or research will be with
*What question, approach or method you plan to use as the axis of your research
*Details of how your research might be collected, collated and exhibited including budget.
- A biography and/ or CV of past and current work
- Visual material on DVD or CDROM or internet
- a filled in submissions form

Deadline: Fri 14 Nov 08

When and Where?
January 2009 in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, East Midlands, UK
Radiator Festival

What: Radiator Festival - Going Underground
Where: Nottingham, Derby and Leicester
When: Jan 2009
Further Details:
-Visit the Radiator website
Deadline: Fri 14 Nov 2008