Waygood Amateur Radio Club

Artists, writers, performers, sound artists and musicians who are interested in training towards an amateur radio license and producing work for a new arts amateur radio club are invited to contact Waygood Gallery & Studios for further information.

This new venture at Waygood is part of AV Festival, Thu 28 Feb - Sat 8 Mar 2008. The club will meet at Waygood@Harkers in Byker, Newcastle until we return to High Bridge in 2009.

Please send your contact details to helen@waygood.org by Wed 31 Oct 2007.
Waygood Amateur Radio Club<br>Two-way radio communication

Who: Waygood Gallery and Studios
What: Waygood Amateur Radio Club
Further Details:
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Contact: helen@waygood.org
Deadline: Wed 31 Oct 2007