The Vault - Open Call for Artists!!!

VAULT Gallery is issuing an open call for artists working in any medium to create works broadly around the theme of money.

The call is comprised of two separate elements:

1) Money as the medium - open exhibition. Deadline: Thu 20 Nov 08
2) Money as the message - selected proposals. Deadline: Wed 12 Nov 08

Artists are encouraged to submit for both categories, and any number of times.

1). Money as the medium asks artists to make a work on/with a single unit of currency. The unit of currency:
Can be of any Country/State (Dollars, Euros, Yen etc.)
Can be of any value (5p, 10, 1$, etc.)

The VAULT will exhibit as many works as possible, with each work being sold anonymously for 20. Half of this will go towards raising money for VAULT gallery (a non-profit organisation), with the other half going to the artist. There is no limit to the amount of works one artist can submit.

Although purchases will be made anonymously, a list of contributing artists will be displayed in the gallery space and in the exhibition catalogue. Buyers will be made aware of the artist only after sales are completed.

Submissions must be received/postmarked 20th November 2008 at the latest. Works remaining unused/unsold will be returned using standard postage unless arranged otherwise by the artist.

Please complete the VAULT 'Open Show' agreement (downloadable here) and send, with completed works to:

VAULT Gallery
c/o Bar Eleven
60-62 Church Street

VAULT recommends using recorded delivery whenever sending work

2). Money as the message asks for submissions of works, new or old, in any medium broadly investigating the theme of money.

Proposals for this exhibition should follow our standard format. For more information, please download the application pack here
Proposals must be received, either by post or e-mail, by Wed 12 Nov 2008.

Please e-mail proposals to, or post to:

VAULT Gallery
c/o Bar Eleven
60-62 Church Street

The two categories will be exhibited against each other in the VAULT space, December 2008. For more information see or mail
The Vault

What: The Vault - Open Call for Artists!!!
Further Details:
- Visit the Vault Gallery website
Deadline: Wed 12 or Thu 20 Nov 2008