The Pursuit of Happiness

Contemporary use of the abstract term "happiness" may be overwhelming and confusing. Through centuries of attempts at a definition and therefore its constant renewal its intellectual field became virtual. Today the idea of the desire to experience happiness or the pursuit of happiness sounds obsolete and romantic. Questions of happiness are rarely reasonably answered...

We invite you to participate in the multimedia exhibition of a group of international artists, which is being planned for December 2008 in UK. 'The Pursuit of Happiness' is the title of a curatorial project initiated by two visual artists and promoters of art based in London and Glasgow - Tekla Wozniak and Zbigniew Kotkiewicz. The show will be supported by a collection of critical texts and a small publication documenting works of selected artists. We are also in the process of constructing a web page through which we could promote the project and the participating individuals.

Please familiarize yourself with our short brief, and let us know what you do and how you think. We are waiting for your proposals till the 15th of November yet please feel free to contact us just now with any ideas and work in progress you'd like to discuss and possibly develop together. The exact location of the exhibition will be known in the beginning of November. All artists need to pay for the materials / the production process of their artifacts themselves, yet in some cases we might be able to help. Organisers will pay for the catalogue, posters, and PR materials.

The brief for the artists is available at the temporary site of the project:
Please click "the Pursuit of Happiness" when entering the page. Please send all your questions and suggestions to:
The Pursuit of Happiness

What: The Pursuit of Happiness
Further Details:
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Deadline: Sat 15 Nov 2008