DIY 5:2008 Hunting For Treasure - Call for Participants

The Project
Over three days six people will collaboratively develop a playful site-specific Treasure Hunt that facilitates new ways of exploring a given space. The fun, funny and socio-politically engaged hunt aims to find new ways to actively engage audiences with contemporary issues, from what art is and can be to the local and the global. The use of this recognisable format in contemporary popular culture explores accessibility and interactivity, and allows us to develop the art of cryptic clue writing. A Treasure Hunt will be held on the evening of the third night.

Application Procedure
Participating artists will be at the early stages of their career, or students, making or interested in making socially engaged work, with an interest in humour, game play and relational aesthetics. Selections will be based on a statement, outlining your interest in the project (max 200 words). Places are limited to five participants. Email applications to with 'DIY 5 Newcastle' in the subject line.

About the Artist
Yara El-Sherbini lives and works in London, and shows nationally and internationally. Yara was recently commissioned by Chelsea Theatre to develop Universality Challenge, a game show exploring universal experiences and is hosting pub quizzes throughout the UK.
DIY 5:2008 Hunting For Treasure

What: DIY 5:2008 Hunting For Treasure - Call for Participants
Where: Newcastle (venue tbc)
When: Tue 2 Sep - Fri 5 Sep 2008
Further Details:
-DIY5: 2008 opportunities
-Visit the DIY 5 website
Deadline: Sun 10 Aug 2008