Subversive Fair - Call for Submissions

A project by Social Impact within the frame of Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture.

As the first trade fair for counter culture and resistance technology the Subversive Fair presents recent works which constructively undermine hegemonic power structures, and appropriate the production of public space.

Subversive highlights from the realms of (political) interventions, fashion, (an)architecture, performance, artistic provocation, (satiric) art, hacktivism and actions will be presented. The artists will be present and visitors can participate in DIY- workshops, action tours, lectures, product presentations, and film screenings. This enables a direct transfer of knowledge and know-how and pushes the idea of an international, long-term conspiratorial network. The duration (four days), structure, organisation, ambience and setting of the Subversive Fair is modelled on conventional fairs.


- New technologies, products and practises of cultural and political resistance will be tested in relation to their everyday potential and impact.

- The effects of recuperation - the appropriation of subversive techniques by capitalist (culture) industry, as well as the intertwining of the advertising, fashion and music industries with the sex appeal of active political resistance - will be thematised and discussed.

- Subversion often rubs up against the realm of legality or collides with it. Therefore, questions about punishment and/or repression will be raised (e.g. refusal of funding, silencing through the media, but also imprisonment).

- Further events such as lectures, moderated talks, (product) presentations, action tours through the fair, workshops dedicated to the transfer of specialised knowledge and techniques, as well as the experimental and playful testing of ideas, technologies and strategies will complete the fair's programme.

Deadline for Submissions: Tue 22 Jul 2008. For further submission details please visit the Subversive Fair website
Subversive Fair

What: Subversive Fair - Call for Submissions
Where: Linz, Austria
When: 13-16 May 2009
Further Details:
-Visit the Subversive Fair website
Deadline: Tue 22 Jul 2008