Can two artists produce a truly balanced collaborative work? What dymanics exists between the individuals? How about three, four... ten artists working on a single piece?

A group of artists, previously strangers, will attempt to create a unique body of work, exploring the mechanics of collaboration. The process will test each artist's experience of working in a group and the impact of the exchange on their individual work.

We are looking for London-based artists working in any medium who are interested in exploring the nature of collaboration. The project will be loosely-administered and by its nature be fairly 'organic', open-ended, and only partly defined at this stage. Collaborators will need to be involved throughout several months, and an exhibition is planned for 2009.

The project and exhbition will be curated by Pedo Vicente Mullor and a group of collaborating curators.

For more information please contact Pierre d'Alancaisez or Phil Hurt, by 20 July 2008.

Who: Pierre d'Alancaisez & Phil Hurt
What: Collaboration
Deadline: Sun 20 Jul 2008
Who Can Apply: London based artists