Invitation for Proposals: Conjunction 08

Conjunction 08 is a Contemporary Arts Festival in Stoke-on-Trent and is intended to take place bi-annually. This year’s festival will be based on the thematic response to FANTASTIC, FOUND and FAKE. Stoke-on-Trent is changing, through the organisations involved in this project we want to ensure this is a change for the better, by ensuring that contemporary arts are seen to be at the forefront of redevelopment and regeneration. The key partners are Staffordshire University, The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery and AirSpace Gallery. It is hoped that this project and subsequent bi-annual projects will help engage communities in a rich arts experience.

Artist Brief
FANTASTIC, FOUND and FAKE, could apply to much of what is considered relevant in the sphere of contemporary art, for this project we wish the artists to examine the theme in ways similar to the following examples, either as a whole or separately.

FANTASTIC: an exploration of environments, in which the division between reality and unreality cannot be distinguished. Or on the other hand an examination of ways in which the divisions are all too clear.

FOUND: Work, which makes use of found, items, detritus, spaces, sounds, comments and imagery. The theme could also explore ways in which people find themselves, their response to the environment in which they find themselves, or perhaps on a level more close to enlightenment than experience.

FAKE: Subverting the everyday, disturbing that which is truthful and expected, this could be the subversion of commonplace objects, the replication and replacement of these objects in order to disturb or entertain an audience.

Currently the intention of the core group is to commission a range of projects; two projects up to £8,000 (two at £4000), and a number of small projects in the range £500 – £1000 , and we will be seeking to commission from Students at the lower range £250 -£500. It should be borne in mind that these are guidelines not ceilings and that value for money will be a consideration. Please note that these commissions are based on successful funding bids

Artists should create proposals that detail
•The project idea – your vision, what you expect to create, the process that will be used to achieve this and who will be involved (artists/ participants) and how it response to the theme.
•where the work will be created/ sited/ distributed/ exhibited (please see venues for details)
•An indicative budget- what proportion of the budget is to be spent on artists’ fees and how much on other expenses
•Images, artists should supply images as jpegs and there should be a selection of no more than 5 images to represent your practice.
•DVD’s - artists submitting films/vidoes should save their film in a PAL format or as MPEG, the film should be no more than 10 minutes long
•Artists must supply a press statement that represents the work they are thinking of
submitting (no more than 50 words please)

An Application form is available upon request, e-mail
Conjunction 08 : <i>FANTASTIC, FOUND and FAKE</i>

What: Invitation for Proposals: Conjunction 08
Where: various venues in Stoke-on-Trent
When: Nov 2008
Further Details:
Visit the Conjuction 08 website
Deadline: 5pm, Tue 1 Jul 2008