LAND GRAB ONLINE - Call for Submissions

LAND GRAB ONLINE seeks to display artworks that explicitly address the naming and claiming of space.

What does it mean to claim a piece of land today? Is it legitimate to desire a place of one’s own? As real estate prices skyrocket throughout the world, it is increasingly difficult to retain a space and place.

LAND GRAB ONLINE welcome submissions including - but not limited to - issues of land ownership, real estate acquisitions, squatting on private or public property, citizenship and colonialism. The projects included for this online showing need not occupy actual space; they can also exist as virtual projects or as ideas for projects that may or may not be feasible in a physical location.

Among other questions, LAND GRAB ONLINE aims to consider whether the possession, occupation or designation of a site alters the place itself. The project also aims to ponder what the place of art is in an increasingly global world where artists, like many others, are more and more on the move. Might some artists and artworks contradict such a tendency, perhaps expressing the desire to instead linger, settle and stay put?

LAND GRAB ONLINE is part of the project LAND GRAB - culminating in an exhibition at the renowned non-profit art institution APEXART in New York (Wed 7 Nov - Sat 22 Dec 2007). In the months leading up to the physical exhibition, the curators are seeking online submissions for LAND GRAB ONLINE - the virtual counterpart to the onsite show.

A planned LAND GRAB publication will include selections from both LAND GRAB and LAND GRAB ONLINE.

The curators
LAND GRAB is a project instigated by the curators Lillian Fellmann and Sarah Lookofsky.

Lillian Fellmann is a curator and culture critic. The director of White Space Zurich, Fellmann is also currently organizing an interdisciplinary interrogation project on the notion of End/Ending in the hotel Kyjev in Bratislava, Slovakia, which will be torn down in the autumn of 2007.

Sarah Lookofsky is a critic and curator living in New York. She is an alum of The Whitney Museum's Independent Study Program where she currently works. Lookofsky is also pursuing a Ph.D. in Art History, Theory and Criticism at the University of California, San Diego.
LAND GRAB ONLINE - Call for Submissions

Who: Wooloo
What: LAND GRAB ONLINE - Call for Submissions
Where: Online and APEXART, New York
When: APEX exhibition takes place Wed 7 Nov - Sat 22 Dec 2007
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