Cack-U-Like - Collaboration My Arse

Since the pioneering Cack-U-Like’s The Sound of Grenville (2001), artists have been using karaoke as a means to express the dilemma of early 21st century creative road block syndrome.

From Dean Kenning’s recent karaoke work to Lionel Twat’s tinkerings with the Queen back catalogue- the artwork produced has been exhilarating but exhaustive.

We here at Cack-U-Like are wanting to make a special edition DVD of karaoke informed art work to date for presentment at a series of events at possible venues including, Tate Modern, Whitechapel Art Gallery etc...

If you would like to submit a work for possible inclusion in this DVD/event please email

Deadline for entries: Sun 1 Jun 2008

Visit the Cack-U-Like website for further details.

What: Cack-U-Like - Collaboration My Arse
Further Details:
-Visit the Cack-U-Like website
Deadline: Sun 1 Jun 2008